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Demolition Company in Columbus, OH

Creative Destruction is a professional Columbus demolition contracting company. Providing industry-leading commercial, retail, and residential demolition services in Ohio.

Experienced Demolition Contracting

At Creative Destruction, we offer a variety of industrial demolition services for residential and commercial projects across many industries.

Our contracting company provides top demolition services for building owners, the real estate development industry, retail, and many others. Our demolition team has gutted and razed more than 1,000 properties safely, effectively, and on time.

As a demolition company, our top priority is safety for both the team and people in the vicinity of all demolition projects. We’ve experienced no critical injuries over the last 20 years of providing industrial demolition services.

We understand the demanding schedule of clients who need industrial services performed, so we make sure to provide 100% on-time completion of all demolition projects. We maintain a skilled workforce and specialized industrial equipment to deliver safe and cost-effective demolition of building structures.

Nationwide Industrial Demolition Services Performed

While we’re based in Columbus, Ohio, our demolition company provides industrial demolition services nationally.

Building demolition for the demolishing and removal of building structure materials and components. Whether commercial building demolition or residential building demolition services, we get your project done right.

Structural demolition for the destruction and removal of commercial structures, institutional structures, retail buildings, industrial facilities, power plants, entertainment structures, real estate buildings, and more!

Selective demolition for careful demolishing of structures that may be reconstructed. Creative Destruction minimizes disruptions to surrounding work and traffic-flow through careful demolition scheduling and responsible on-site management. Valuable structural components and features are carefully preserved.

Concrete demolition and concrete crushing and recycling. Creative Destruction’s concrete demolition experience extends across a wide range of sectors and structures. Advanced techniques and tools for demolishing concrete are employed for great results.

Site preparation for the installation of new building foundations and structures. To aid in preparing a site, the Creative Destruction team will use advanced surveying equipment and perform related preparation services such as excavation.

Asset recovery and excavation services are also offered, and can be performed separately or in combination with other demolition services depending on the project situation at hand. Additional specialized equipment is used to reduce costs and damage when recovering assets. Construction debris is also recycled for maximum salvage value.

A Range of Industrial Demolition Services

We provide demolition services for both short and long-term commercial, retail, and residential projects:

  • Building Demolition Services
  • Interior, Exterior, Structural
  • Concrete, Selective
  • Demolition Waste Removal
  • Cleanup & Recycling Services
  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Tank Removal
  • Site Preparation

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