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Asset Recovery Services

Creative Destruction is a Columbus demolition contractor serving clients nationwide that can help you remove and recover a wide array of salvageable assets and materials.

Examples of recoverable assets include scrap metal, heating and cooling systems (HVAC), boilers, appliances, electrical equipment and other salvageable items of high value.

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Salvage On-Site Industrial Assets

Utilizing an expert asset recovery team, all salvage recovery projects are completed safely and efficiently. The salvage team utilizes specialized equipment to help reduce costs and recover higher asset value for you.

Get more bang for your buck with reduced costs and higher asset value. Get reduced disposal costs and increase your revenue from salvage sales through a refined process of construction debris recycling.

Maximize the Value of Recovered Assets

Creative Destruction ships scrap via trucks, barges, and railcars directly to the country’s major iron and steel producers.

Utilizing the combined forces of an established network of used equipment dealers and a large industrial customer base, we help you find opportunities to maximize recovered asset sales.

We also offer professional line rigging and transportation services. We can safely perform the removal and delivery of salvaged equipment and recovered assets.

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