Selective Demolition Services

Creative Destruction provides selective demolition services in Columbus, Ohio and across the United States as a national demolition contractor.

Selective services offered include both building exterior selective demolition and interior selective demolition.

Careful, Selective Demolishing

Our expert demolition team carefully prepares exterior structures and interior structures for reconstruction through a safe and cost-effective process. Through our approach, we:

  • Safely prepare structures for demolition through expert analysis
  • Consider nearby active projects and adjacent operations
  • Coordinate tasks and schedule efforts for on-time service competition 

Safety is Our Top Priority

Also, environmental compliance, employee safety, and site safety are taken into account as top priorities of our selective demolition team.

Having completed over 1000 property projects nationwide, we can complete most selective demolition projects for you.

As a demolition contractor, we specialize in being able to gut out any type of building.

Additionally, we can selectively demolish and/or excavate any interior or exterior materials and assets. Send us a message below for more information!

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