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Need to prepare your site for deconstruction or new construction? Columbus demolition contractor Creative Destruction is a  provides professional site preparation services in for your next residential or commercial project in Columbus, OH. We can clear out your requested site safely, effectively, and on-time, and help you extract salvageable materials in the process.

Site Preparation Services

Our engineers utilize civil 3-D Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) technology to create accurate terrain models for the preparation of your site. Areas and volumes are calculated utilizing some of the most advanced survey equipment in the industry.

In combination with the latest tech, we perform precise site surveys and document important locations of your site for preparation. Background maps and Digital Terrain Models (DTM) are utilized to accurately navigate specific elements of your site and determine the designed grades of your entire project.

Get a specialized site preparation team utilizing the latest techniques and technology.

We own and operate specialized equipment that is adapted for site preparation and the demolition and removal of below-grade structures including foundations, grade beams, pile caps, and piling of all types.

Our site preparation experts also specialize in excavation projects involving difficult to access areas, variable soil conditions, and hard-to-excavate materials. We can help you salvage more valuable materials.

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Need a site cleared out and ready to go for new construction? Contact Creative Destruction today for more information and a free estimate. With over 1,000 residential and commercial projects completed successfully, we can get your project done right.

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